Daddy brought Grandpa home; they arrived just after lunch as I was doing my final wipedown of the kitchen cabinets. Grandpa wanted to sit outside for a while, but now I think that he is just in the garage with the door down trying to take a nap :) (It rather looks/feels like it is going to rain and I hope it does.)

While Mum and the sisters went to get veggies from the vegetable stand around the curve, Daddy and I moved my bed out to the front room (actually, I really don't know what to call that room--it's almost more of an entry way than anything.) Daddy went to the barn and cut some serious slats for the bedstead. The old ones were kind of weak. The dust under my bed was horrendous and I really ought to be ashamed of myself for letting it get that bad. (I'll admit that dusting and really deep cleaning are two things I do not get around to often enough.)

Daddy brought the cot in along with a couple of memory foams that the girls usually use in the RV and we got that set up in my room. So, now both Grandpa and I are set for the night!

A few minutes Grandpa is sitting in the living room in his wheelchair with his feet propped up in Mama's recliner. He is extremely sleepy and I hope he drops off here in a minute.

Shortly after they got home (by that I mean--after I drank my coffee) I stretched his legs some and made him do a few exercises. Then I did a brief shoulder session. He's a little sore as he hasn't done anything in over a week.

I do not know if Daddy still intends to attempt heading north on Monday or not. Since I don't know, I'm not packing. If it ends up that he wants to go, all I really have to do is get a couple sets of clothes (I have clothing up there), shoes, my hairbrush and hair clips (actually more important than my brush; I could get by without brushing my hair, but I have to keep my hair out of my face!), shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap... Savannah and Mom would probably make sure we had food so I wouldn't have to take care of that; except after we were on the road. Then I would try to take on that duty (I say 'try' because Grandma can be rather possessive about stuff like that.)

Maybe I'd better go see if Mama has anything I can do...


Sandra K Sullivan
4/14/2012 11:27:18

Wow. I am so glad Grandpa is home and feeling some better even though he is tired. Hospitals are the worst place for getting any rest. Someone is always coming in doing something or checking something every little bit, being noisy and sometimes obnoxious. Is the plan for you to go and do therapy as much as you can with him?

4/15/2012 14:49:06

Praise the Lord! Glad he's on the uphill climb :)

Still praying.

Love you!


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