I have a cold, but I feel better than I did yesterday...even though I cried some this morning.

We got word that a dear little girly we knew died last night. Her poor papa tripped on her and landed on top of her at chruch on Sunday. Her skull fractured and she was in a coma from then on. Her dear daddy wrote the following:

"She  was only 2 years 8 months old, but I could only pray to have the faith of my little girl. She fought the fight against sin in her life and loved the Lord very much. It was an honor to be with her at the end, and to be able to sing Psalm 45:8-17 with her as she passed away. I am proud to say that although I couldn't walk her down the isle in an earthly wedding, I was able to sing to
her  as she met with the great heavenly bridegroom, the savior of her soul, and perfecter of her faith. No more tears, no more sorrow, no more struggle with her  sin. She is with Jesus now...."

I wonder if I would be that strong and brave. Please pray for her mama and papa in this time of distress. Her mother is 6 months pregnant with their second child.
Such a sweet little girl...
We love you, Amariah!
Now she is safe in her Father's arms...while her mother and father will miss her, they rejoice she is with the Lord.

Let us say with them, Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


P.S. I just wish I could go give Kristi a bear hug....but there are too many states in between us!
Carol Noren Johnson
7/31/2012 10:16:13 am

Have been seeing pictures of her on Facebook today. Her parents are just beginning the grieving process and we are grieving with them. You are wonderful with kids, Racheal . I am glad you have these pictures and posted this tribute.

8/1/2012 01:04:47 am

That was their last Lord's Day with us...

8/3/2012 10:10:51 am

Notify me by email you say! I tried to send you a picture of you teaching Amariah organ lessons but you mail box was full! Notify me when I can send it and you may want to add it to this post.

8/3/2012 10:34:47 am

I would be interested in that picture...I just cleaned some stuff out of my e-mail box. Maybe it will come through now?


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