YES! I finally got what I need to assemble my lighting kit! Two chinamen's hats (ya know, those metal globes that go around heat lamps), a stinger (a.k.a. extention cord), and some daylight bulbs. Not suprisingly the man at the hardware store thought I was raising chickens :) Which I still want to do...but I have to build a coop or something first...if I can even get chicks in the summertime?

Snip got his hooves trimmed today. We got to watch while Barney did his feet and I hope to be able to copy some of that in the future. After that I got on him (out of the back of the pick-up) and now have a great deep bruise appearing on the inside of my left calf. Anyhow, I rode Snippy bareback out to the pens. He behaved alright and was super glad to get his food.  

I had fun a couple of times today :)


5/8/2012 03:07:37

Dreams of filmaking and riding off into the sunset on Snip I suppose. All of this while taking care of Granddaddy! Praying for you all.


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