For the chicks that is. The rooster coop being done completely, it was determined that we would put all the chicks in that for now (the hens were seriously outgrowing their bo. I can tell the roosters and the hens apart, so when it comes time to move the hens out, it won't be overly hard. (I hope.)

Anyway, Katherine and I loaded the chickens, in their cardboard box brooders, into the back of the pickup. I strapped them in and did not speed on the way over here. Someplace along the way, I lost the elastic out of the end of my braid, so I ended up with my hair down--totally unusual for me as I never do anything remotely like this with my hair all over the place like it was. I tied it in a knot twice, but it promptly came down as I took the chicks from Mom and tossed them farther back into the coop (which I was sitting in.) 

I crawled along on my knees getting the heat lamps rigged up, putting feed out and of course, water. The smaller of the two boxes is in the coop on it's side. When I tipped it over, the chicks were still in it and several of them got buried in the shavings, so I had to dig them out. 
I cut the flaps off the bigger box with my trusty pocket knife (I have no idea how many yards of cardboard that thing has cut over the years) and we propped them against the sides of the coop, under the tarp.

I think the chickaroo's are going to be pretty happy out there. Right now they are under the huge downed oak...and I'm having difficulty writing this in an interesting fashion, so I think I'll go ahead and close for now. 


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