That's my state of mind at present...

It all started the other day when I used a bucket to scramble on Snip and bothered my rib. Since then I've been using a shovel. I think that exacerbated things. Anyway, at lunch I needed to blow my nose and since I was in a hurry (I'll explain that in a minute) I twisted around so I wasn't facing the table. (I really was taught not to blow my nose at the table!) Anyway, that made me hurt.

Minutes later, Savannah and I were in the car trying to make it to the local Historical Society meeting. The GPS battery was low (and I think that's why the satellite wasn't coming in) so it didn't work right and so we winged it. (Bev and Aunt C. stopped by about 10:30 and Bev told us to take Orange to Whidden street...) By the time we got to the building we were 15 minutes late so we didn't go in...that's a bit too late for newbies to be arriving--so maybe next month...

Then we popped over to the new Habitat for Humanity and by that time I was having trouble breathing deep without wincing. From there we went to Wal-Mart for another thumb drive.  Savannah had to saunter so I could keep up...I'm moving VERY slow.

We got home and were going to start trimming the oaks--Savannah trimming and me driving. Well, we got started and didn't get very far. A branch fell on Savannah and gave her a goose-egg and an almost inch long cut on her forehead! She's sitting in the Florida room talking to Granddaddy right now with ice on her head.

Anyway...I'm not feeling very good and it won't suprise me if Savannah gets a headache.  



Kerry Darden
5/11/2012 06:11:53

Oh dear, I you have improved some today, take it easy, both of ya! Don't hesitate to call us, also, if you have a need.

5/11/2012 13:47:20

The goose egg and the headache did not fail to occur--and persist... :-)


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