On Monday, I will have a tale to tell--how videoing (sounds wrong, but 'filmming' isn't really accurate) a wedding went. A couple in our church is getting married tomorrow and I volunteered to shoot it. Savannah will be on Camera A, I'll be on Camera B, and Katherine will be on Camera C. (By the way, we are using the church's cameras. I only have one...which for this purpose we'll call, Camera D--as it might also be used tomorrow.)

I do not understand why our dear Doctor marries people on Sunday. To me, it's the Lord's Day. Your wedding day is kind of 'your day', if you know what I mean, so combining the two is strange to me. I will not get married on a Sunday as I don't see it as quite appropriate, but anyway...

I fairly well have the shots I want mapped out (with Savannah's help). I'm going to take my gear with me  (camera, Zoom, AC adapter, flash drive [for bringing home the footage--I hope it will all fit--if not I'll have Mr. Bill burn me a disk or something...], external mic for my camera etc.), so I have to make sure all that is staged and ready to load (along with the food for tomorrow). 

I look forward to editing the footage more than I do the actual shooting of it. I also have another small project in the quay...I took a few videos on Katherine's Birthday which I want to put together.

In addition to planning out this stuff and talking to Mr. Bill on the phone, I have spent some time poking around for free music scores. I have a couple of songs picked out that I think would be good for my documentary. Really just old folk songs, particularly those of Irish and Scottish orgin are good. Particularly for this part of the country, because a lot of the settlers down here were from North and South Carolina originally--and those are a bunch of Scotch-Irish (ever wonder why the South Carolinians were firebrands during the War of N. Agression?) See, the hot-headedness is in my blood!


4/25/2012 05:01:32

What songs do you have picked out? Can I help with the arrangements? Please???


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