We had an interesting day yesterday (which was, after a fashion, continued today).  In the early afternoon, Granddaddy's eldest sister and her daughter and son-in-law arrived to powerwash the house. While Rex got busy with the powerwasher, Aunt C. and Bev started raking up the sticks and spanish moss that was all over the yard. Savannah and I pitched in (they didn't have to clean up our yard!) and soon that was done (we still need to clean up the piles and take them to the burn hole.) Next we moved into the garage and ended up cleaning it out to a great extent. We had a nice pile of trash that we took to the dump this morning. Bev took us to the dump and I think I could find my way back there if I had to. Like she said, it's the highest point in our town :) Anyway, both Savannah and I were really suprised that there weren't really a lot of spiders in the garage.

I'm going to blow my eardrums if I don't turn the volume down on this set of headphones... Even with the volume up, I can still here Granddaddy's TV (he's watching the Cat in the Hat--this same episode was on yesterday!) It's distracting to say the least.

I must not be feeling very loquatious today. I'll get the touch back soon--don't worry ;)


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