As you all know (I think), I do not normally enjoy when I tell you I had fun going on a shopping spree yesterday, I hope you believe me ;)

Savannah and I took off for a 'girls day' yesterday morning. We went to P.C. and started our shopping spree at Goodwill. We got a stack of books: another complete set of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy (no Hobbit *shrugs*); another complete set of 'My Book House' books (children's books with lots of great stories); a Civil War reenactor's encyclopedia (that's pretty cool!); New England and the Sea (three authors); Last Flag Down (about a Confederate ship); After D-Day (self-explanatory title); John Adams by David McCullough; a kid biography on Charles Spurgeon; The Pirates Laffite by William C. Davis (who wrote the book about Jefferson Davis I read last year); and an encyclopedia of Film Directors. I thought that might be interesting for me as a new director.

We ate lunch at the Greek Resturant we like there (the Garmin dude said 'resturant' really weird). Like usual I had grouper. I know there had to be sugar in the cole slaw, but I ate it anyway!

The health food store was next. I got some dates :) Mmmm...Savannah got figs and apricots, along with supliments. Also a Kumbotcha (did I spell that right?) gingerade. I like the gauva better...

Then we bounced over to Target...Aunt Laurie had sent us a gift card. I think we used it all up--minus 4 buck or so. I got a shirt (my shade of pink) and Savannah got a dress and some pads for her shoes. Plus I got another SD card for my camera and we bought a pack of pens (I love Uni-balls and haven't had any for quite a while). Last, but not least, I grabbed a copy of Courageous. There were only two copies left... I look forward to watching it.

One more stop--Books A Million. We got three books there. Two of them War Between the States history (original documents reprinted!) and the other about a particular Army unit during WWI.

Then we came home and joined everyone at the table for Joel's birthday dinner. He ate quite a pile of mac and cheese :)

So, yes. I had fun. However, even then, I don't think I really want a repeat performance anytime too soon. Thankfully, I didn't get starved :)


7/19/2012 09:48:14 am

I reviewed the novelization of Courageous on blog and also on Amazon and two other places. Let me know if you want to borrow this novelization of Courageous by Randy Alcorn.


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