I took Snip for a ride yesterday and vice versa. But before that, the bit went in pretty smoothly. He resisted it some, of course, but I was throughly impressed on how quickly it went in. YAY! I made sure I praised him and petted him and told him what a good boy he was/is.

I waded the stinker in water several times--my usual spots were all water-logged and the gates all flooded. Snip still isn't the most sure about water .

I was galloping along in the southeast pasture when I noticed that Snippy seemed to be moving slightly weird. Then--BAM!! It happened! Snip took off like he was a regular ol' buckin' bronco! Brat horse. This was the worse bucking yet--but I stayed on :) I hauled him in, hollering at him the whole while and squeezing as tightly as I could with my knees at the same time. I think if it weren't for stirrups, I'd a been on my head. As soon as I got Snip to keep all four feet on the ground, I pulled his head around and gave him a very loud scolding (I normally don't scold that loudly). Naturally, he put on that rather innocent look and then behaved himself pretty well for the rest of the day. It's kind of strange though...once I felt that motion--which I can't describe--somehow (and unconsciously) I expected that he'd start bucking.

After unsaddling him, I strolled around as he did my edging for me (aka eating the tall grass along the outside of the fence) waiting for the vet to show up. When they did, the lady (she's the vet's assistant) asked, "Is this the horse we cut for you?" Yes... So they did the coggins (blood-draw) and gave him his shot--a West Nile, 2-3 encephalitis, tetness, and flu combo.

I told Dr. K that I got bucked yesterday when she was fixing to crack my back from the side (that kind of hurt of a minute)...she was fine with that so long as I didn't fall off :D The bucking didn't hurt, so I guess it didn't bash me out of shape too bad...


8/29/2012 09:47:42

Is it possible that he saw a snake? Gotta be careful with those water areas for cotton mouths..

8/30/2012 02:06:07

Wrong chunk of the pasture...besides it felt planned and deliberate, not spooked :D


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