Part one: Leaving the house before 9:00 to go purchase a lawn mower. 

I went down a road I'd never been down before :D We arrived at the gentleman's house to see the old gray Craftsman mower sitting out front. We went to the door and Savannah knocked and rang the door-bell while this little poodle yapped at us through the window. Then I decided to go look at the mower. I looked up and Savannah was gone! She had gone around the back of the house to the man's shop (where he was) and soon returned with him. He showed us (me in particular) how the thing runs, cranked it up, engaged the blades, etc.

Savannah handed over the money and got a receipt. Then we helped him load it on his trailer, as he very kindly hauled it out here for us. We weren't very far down the road when he pulled over...his ramps were sliding off the trailer. I hopped out of the car, followed by Savannah and helped get another strap on it.

Once we got here, we unloaded it, I shoved the Murry further back into the barn, and rolled the 'new' one in.

Part two: Music

I played my guitar before lunch for a bit (after tuning it, of course; I put new strings on it Wednesday and they are still stretching). After lunch I practiced my cello. Then I played my guitar again :D Even though I sound pretty bad, I have certainly been enjoying getting back into my music!

Part three: Tree Limbs

Now, that was something of an adventure. There was this branch that I noticed yesterday was broken off and caught in the next tree over; however, it was endangering our car. So, I figured I would remove the thing. First off, I grabbed the saw on the extention and tried sawing the thing down (while standing in the back of the pick-up. I need the height! *laughing*) I got so far and then figured I'd attach the pick-up to it and pull it down. I had the chain hooked to the ball on the truck when I suddenly realized that there was another, much more dead, branch that would come snapping off if I pulled on the first branch. Hmmmm. Ah ha! Get that second one down first. I did that by going to the barn, hunting up some rope (at first I thought Granddaddy didn't have any--until I found a piece laid up on the bench on the south side), and throwing it over the branch (once again standing in the pick-up--that took several tries). I moved the truck and tied the rope to the chain and pulled. The branch soon cracked off. Then I grabbed the first branch by the end (by now I had also already removed the leafy stuff on the end with a hatchet--I started with the handsaw, but figured the hatchet would be much faster and really easier), and walked backwards and sideways with it and down it came! I dashed back to the barn (for at least the third time) and grabbed the nippers. I removed the smaller, leafy limbs with them. Then I had to go back to the barn again for the ax. I chopped the branch into three pieces and pitched them into the truck along with all the other wood. Seriously, swinging the ax didn't hurt my shoulder, but tossing the wood in did...go figure. I took the stuff to the growing piles of wood and pitched in...I think a cow or two was watching me :)

Part four: Dinner

Savannah asked me to make dinner tonight. So I did. She was planning on fishcakes, but after a bit of consulting, we decided to on salmon mousse instead. So, I whipped that up, cut up half a head of head lettuce, and heated up the left over navy beans.

See ya later!


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