Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!!

For Savannah and I, this Thanksgiving is probably going to be one of the most different one's we've ever had. Sure, we're going to have turkey (it's done now that we've already eaten lunch :D), and we even managed to scrounge up costumes (though certainly not 100% Pilgrim accurate), but it is still different. Savannah is doing laundry and we both did some random house-straightening this morning. Granddaddy as usual is sitting in front of the televsion and as it is 1:00, his four hours of Westerns has started. Thankfully, the volume is still down where I turned it last night while watching Remington Steele. (The last couple of nights, Granddaddy has gone to bed thirty-minutes in--so perhaps Operation Steele isn't working as well as I'd like...)

I'd like to share with you the recipe for what we had for lunch (meat-wise): turkey gizzard something-or-rether...I didn't think I liked gizzards very well, but this stuff is awesome!

I guess most people do a blog post about what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving...but since I'm not necessarily a follower...I decided not to do that. You would get bored reading everything I'm grateful for. Instead, I'm going to point out, to myself, as much as anyone else, the fact that we so often take the good things God has given us for granted. I know I do. I eat my food after a quick prayer. How often is my word of thanks said out of rote habit? Far too often. Do I ever think to thank God that my closet is busting with clothing? Maybe once in a great while. What about my health? I'm a fairly healthy, robust young woman. How often do I fall on my knees and glorify God for that fact? More often than I thank Him for my clothing, but not often enough. The list of things that I take for granted could go on and on...it's as long as the list of the things I'm grateful for--because the two lists are identical!

So on this day of Thanksgiving, let us thank God for our good gifts...let us try to remember that we gave ourselves absolutely nothing of what we have.  God gave it all to us. He is sovereign...and for that fact alone, let us rejoice and be thankful.

Soli Deo Gloria! Amen.


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