I went to town FOUR times today--the reason of course being I can only get one roll of hay in my truck at a time and then I still had to get the feed and Snip's hay. Unfortunately, I forgot the chicken feed so I have to go back tomorrow because they are out!!

I started out about 1:00 and it was 4:00 by the time I got done running around. I didn't have any wrecks (obviously), I snuck under a few yellow lights, and got hay all over myself even while driving down the road.

Dumping off the first roll of hay over here at Granddaddy's was rather intersting. Moon-bat hardly let me get it out of the truck before she took her stubs to it. I hollered at her and she looked up like, "Who, me?" Grrr...yes, you--you scary critter! :) Anyway...she did start eating it after that.

The second roll was less eventful. The third roll, which I delievered to my cows, was also an experience. The cows were up. Abe first started in on the bumper (I even had the engine turned off!) but quit once I threatened him. I started pushing the roll and all of a sudden I'm having something akin to a game of tug-of-war with a 1,000+ lb. (guess) bull with an 800 lb. roll of hay! So, while I was attempting to get the netting off, Abe was shaking the thing back and forth (or forward and backward from my perspective). Eventually the hay fell off the tailgate and I managed to rescue the plastic netting before it got chewed on.

On my way back into town for the fourth time, I stopped to get eggs (must have eggs for breakfast!!) and water-softener salt. Then I got the horse feed at Bryan's and on to Smith's. At Smith's the owner confronted me thusly (I don't think I've ever actually spoken to him before): "I believe you're the lady I want to talk to." Oh? I was like, "What did I do??" (I didn't say that...) Anyway, he wanted to talk to me about the fact that my molassas tank was half-full of water. He had been out about a week ago to put molassas in the tank, but he wasn't going to put the 'product', as he said, into the water because it will make it stale. He said he had called and left a message (I didn't even think the answering machine was hooked up anymore??). So, anyway, he told me that I needed to siphon as much of the water out as I could--and he explained how to do that. I'm glad he did because I didn't remember exactly how to siphon stuff. It took a couple of tries and few different peices of pipe--and now I really need to sharpen my knife!--before the water started flowing. I got sillily excited about it. :D

Then I did a little more work in and about the barn. Savannah helped me put the Snapper back in the barn by steering for me while I pushed. After I got that in, I backed the truck up as close as I could get it to the barn (still a few too many obstructions) and unloaded the cow feed--minus two bags. Savannah drove and we fed the cows.

After feeding the cows, Savannah returned inside to finish our supper (I was hungry!), and I unloaded the sweet feed and hay. I also put the salt in the softener. Since I really am trying to keep on top of all my extra feed sacks better (i.e. burn them--one really doesn't need to keep ALL of them; just enough to come in handy if you need a sturdy paper sack), I hauled another four (yesterday's and today's) out to the burn pit along with the salt bag and the hay netting. Once there, without matches of course, I wasn't really sure if I was going to go all the way in and get the matches and come back out or not--like I said, I was hungry and I tend to get lazier the hungrier I get. I happened to look over and see something very interesting.

A couple of days ago, when I went to burn the trash, I couldn't find the open box of matches, so I just opened a new one. Anyway, looking off to my right this evening, I saw a match box with matches scattered all around it, just laying there in the pasture! I have no idea how they got there, but I went over and picked almost every single one up--and found out that they still work too! In other words, the trash got burned and I didn't have to go into the house for matches afterall!

By now, Snip was really getting impatient for his supper. He'd been nickering, blowing, and whinning at me ever since I got home and I kept telling him to wait...needless to say, he was mighty pleased to see supper show up. I feed the cats and covered the chickens up better with the tarp and came in for supper...and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.


2/28/2013 09:19:08 am

So now we know where the matches went!!! I must have knocked them out of the truck when I got out to rake that pile of leaves into that bull hole.

Between MoonBat and Abe it sounds like you earned your supper!!

Sandra Sullivan
2/28/2013 11:49:44 pm

Hey Racheal, Do you mean "to borrow and expression"? If not I need to know what "barrow" means. Wheel barrow? I think barrow is connected to pigs too, although I would have to look that up. <smiling> Love you!!! I don't know if I could have managed that many trips to town in one day :-)

3/1/2013 08:19:34 am

Rut-roh.... :P I knew something about that didn't look right! Thanks! I changed it so now it's spelled correctly...

Love you too!


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