I woke up this morning determined to mow the pasture. So, after breakfast, I betook myself to the barn, hooked the battery charger to the tractor's battery, and then remembered I had to put the cover back on...and that the remaining screw was on the dinning room table. (I lost the other one in the pasture--I don't know if I mentioned that before.) In putting the cover back on, I had to work around the battery charger cables--which really wasn't a problem. The problem was finding another  screw that was either big enough or small enough! Those of you who know me well (like my family :D) know that such small frustrations can turn me into something of a grouch...particularly if I have to explain it to someone! Anyway, after rumaging in the barn (I can't find anything in that mess! And obviously, I haven't gotten to the cleaning project I was planning this summer...), then in the garage, and that dangerously stuffed drawer in the house, I clumped back out to the barn with a screw that I doubted would fit. It didn't. Then I looked in the top of the tool-box for at least the second time and found an old pill bottle. It rattled so I took the lid off and providentially, there was a screw I could use! It took a few minutes to get the screws in (as well as a little elbow grease...I had to hold the cover up--it wanted to pop off.) 

I adjusted the lawn mower in the other bay in the barn, thinking I would probably need to pull the truck in like I did last time and jump the tractor. I took a short break in the house...by then I needed a drink and a mid-morning snack :) I ate a couple dried apricots on the way out the door. I was still munching on the last one when I crawled onto the tractor, turned the key and pushed the starter button. It started! Without being jumped! I was really surprised, but quite pleased.

I spent the next couple hours mowing. I did scalp the ground some throughout the day; but you know, it's kind of hard to see those dips when the grass and weeds are so high. I also discovered that the hogs have rooted up a bit more ground then I initially thought. I didn't see any of them, but I did remark to no one in particular, "I need to shoot me a pig." Then I got to thinking--could I butcher one? Am I big or strong enough?

I got hungry shortly after that and came in for lunch :) After lunch I went back out and mowed some more...I'm guessing that I spent four hours on the tractor with just one short break (I needed another snack :D). (Making a total of 6-8 hours mowing today--and I'm still not done.)

By the time I was done f, I was 100% dirty, 10% sunburned, and very itchy. I also was stuffed up. That much dirt and grass would make anyone's nose run. But I enjoyed it :) I tried singing some, but was hoarse and shouting at the top of my lungs, so I really didn't sound good at all. It just made me laugh. Do you think I'm strange or what?

The worse part of the day was the itching and the goat-heads stuck in my pig-tail braids. After lunch while drinking my coffee and staring at the computer screen, I reached up to scrach the back of my head and stabbed myself with a mean goat-head. It sounds funny, but it wasn't at the time...

Ah...life :)


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