Was Jacob Summerlin a traitor? Did he really sell cattle to the Yankee's at Ft. Myers? (The first I heard of it was today.) Nobody denies he was a blockade runner (amassing a fortune of Spanish gold in the process). There is debate over whether Jake Summerlin: King of the Crackers, was a true Confederate or not. Here are the two sides (roughly): There is a Sons of the Confederate Veterans post named after him. He had a two-year contract selling beeves to the Confederate Government. When he donated the land for Bartow, he insisted that they call the town Bartow after the first high-ranking Confederate to be killed (General Bartow of Georgia if I remember correctly). On the other side: Summerlin claimed in his pardon petition that he was forced to join the Cow Cavalry (something I had read one other place), that he was a Unionist from the start, and that he never fired at a Federal Soldier. (Of course, that could just be sweet-talk for the folks on the recieving end of the petition.) So, which is it? I'll spend some more time digging into this later...I have to stop and shift focus every now and again anyway, even when I'm not confused.

The writing of Narration 2 got underway today; not that I've gotten very far, partially due to some distractions of the morning. (Okay, okay! I was on CF.org! I easily lose track of time there. Well, more than that, I was attempting to upload something that was way too big for the site. One of these day's I'll get MB and KB straightened out in my head...)
Anyway, back to the Narration. I'm beginning to add in some structural notes like ('Scroll with V/O'). Very few, but it helps me 'see' what I want better. The nice thing is I can always go back and change it!

On an entirely unrelated note, Daddy did not put the calf down on Monday (I had false information--unintentional). The calf was doing better yesterday so I reckon it's a good thing that he didn't!


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