Ladies and gentlemen...Grandpa is very ill. When he was taken to the hospital on Thursday (or was it Wednesday?), we all just assumed that the medication he had been on was still somewhat in his system and making him unreasonable. That and the fact that we figured he was dehydrated as he wasn't drinking much at all and he had diarrhea pretty bad. The next thing we know, we have been told that he has an obstruction in his small intestine and stage four colon cancer and that he might have as little as just days left.

Last night and this morning, Grandpa had a bowel movement. That could be a good sign, but I'm not going to jump up and down until we have any better information. They gave him at least three x-ray's yesterday and so far one today (that I know of). Daddy is real put out with the doctor (as if I could blame him) for not giving up information before he left for the weekend.

Katherine and I went down with Mama to see him yesterday. He was sleepy and it seemed like every time he went to sleep someone would come in and wake him up. Because he was so sleepy he wasn't the clearest of mind. However, I didn't get the impression that he was sundowning. At one point a lady (nurse of some sort I think) came in looking for another gentleman (who was sharing the room with Grandpa). He wasn't there at the time and so the lady asked Grandpa if he was this other gentleman. Without skipping a beat, Grandpa said, "No, I'm George." (NOT!!) I said something to the effect of "GRANDPA!" (with a large grin of course, I know the old man and his silliness of this sort) and he laughed a little and admitted that he wasn't George, but neither was he the other guy. I hope the lady didn't get too confused, but it's something you have to put up with working around old men...they like to tease the nurses ;) 

At the times when I wasn't in the room, I looked at magazines, read part of a newpaper, watched TV (did you know that info-mericals can be an hour long??), and did a puzzle with Katherine. I also evesdropped on other waiting room occupents conversations and tried not to look like I was listening. Somehow I don't think that that one group would really have minded in the least. 


4/7/2012 09:52:47

Still praying. Love you!


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