These visitors will be here for a while, how long exactly I don't know. Anyway, Aunt T. and her two youngest, Philip and Joel, are here. Philip is blond and skinny at sixteen. Joel is a tad pudgy, but he moves surprisingly quick despite that; he has dark brown hair with some serious curls. He's cute with that mop of curls all over his head :) He's almost 14. Those guys like to sleep. Last night I warned them that I would be barging in this morning to get my clothes (they are bunking in my bedroom and I moved in with Savannah). One of them asked me what time that would be. I responded that it'd be sometime been 8 and 9. "That's too early!" To which I retorted, "As long as you've got clothes on, I'm good with it." I kept my word too. It was about 8 this morning when I opened the door and walked in. I wasn't particularly quiet either. (Not that I was purposely making more noise that normal.)

Shortly after breakfast, the boys, Aunt T and I went out and trimmed the trees in the driveway.

We also got started on the fence by the road. Most of it is pretty good, it is just leaning badly. Being the only one with jeans, I ended up ditch walking. At one point, I was down in the ditch and I needed to get up on the level with a post I was supposed to tamp down. I poked a hand up and said, "Hey, Joel!" He got the point and gave me a hand was pretty steep right there. I'm just glad I didn't flip back into the ditch at any point. That would have been a humorous sight I'm sure...but it would have hurt. Particularly in the briars :)

To close, I'd like to give you a quote from a book I am reading off Project Gutenberg:

"This [idea] was eagerly seized, for the appetites of sailors are always sharp, except immediately after meals." ~~The Red Eric by R.M. Ballantyne 

It just tickled me--that could describe yours truely most days :)

See you later!


7/9/2012 08:59:58 am

WoW, two grandsons come to the ranch and didn't bring a pair of jeans....I guess they weren't interested in being helpful...One should never go anywhere without a good sturdy pair of jeans, you never know when you will need to protect your legs....maybe they can go to the GW and find some work clothes....


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