I found out this morning that those pictures I picked up off the internet (they were royalty-free!) won't work in my documentary, because the quality is too poor! *Pout*  Not really, but it almost made me cry. Anyway, I know that there are a few of the pictures in books that we actually own...like this one of Uncle Streaty:
I can scan these in and use them. (By the way, that is an extremely grainy picture of my great-great-great uncle to begin with.) Others I will have to purchase a copy of them (particularly the maps--you have to have maps for historical documentaries, don't you!?) Mom also suggested going to the local library and see what they have. Good idea.

I got the opening quotation and title finished today. There is of course the possibilty that it will have to be changed :) Anyway, I had to re-do part of it again. Something wasn't working right. I also created an Premeire Pro project--where all the After Effects compositions (like slides in Powerpoint--only way more fancy) will go, along with the footage. I need to get my camera back out and shoot some cow footage. I also thought I might take the Zoom and record the squeak of the saddle. (Even if I don't use it in the end.) 


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