What!? Sorry...I'm both excited and nervous, thus the outbreak of strange noises :)

Tomorrow I'm headed down for a pre-interview session with Mr. Hendry. He has kindly said that he will submit to being interviewed by me (I wonder if he's guessed how green I am yet? If he's been to Sparks of Reformation Prodcutions and looked at my Director's Blog, it's possible.) With that in mind, I  have spent the afternoon screwing my head around until I have on paper what I want to communicate to our good Mr. Hendry. (Do I need to mention that he *happens* to be Captain Hendry's decendent?) I have 7 points on an outline--the worse sounding one is 'Pick his Brain'. Under this disgusting headline I have placed certain things partaining to the narration.

Anyway, hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow, Mr. Hendry will have a somewhat better idea as to what exactly this crazy young woman wants. Such things like--I'm by no means to be on camera (I did a quick shot of myself the other day--I do not look good on camera--but that isn't why I'm not going to be on camera--I don't want that kind of interview.) If possible I want personal stories about Captain Hendry--drawn from the question topics of course. (That way we don't get way afield ;) )

I plan on taking my camera (and probably the still camera too) and the Zoom with me, not to mention my clipboard with paper and pencil! I printed off the release forms that I will need...if he has pictures that I can use, I'll have to print off another one called a 'Material Release' to add to the 'Appearance' and 'Location' releases.

(By the by, the reports on my progress on this blog are much more fun to read than over on my Director's Blog. I don't have to sound as professional over here!)


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