Woo-hoo! (Hmm, I don't use that very often--it sounds silly!) I now have a YouTube Channel! And one measley little video on it! :) That happens to be my Florida Cow Cavalry Promo...Check it out and give me some feed-back. I got the idea Thursaday while doing the 'flooded creek shoot'. I did a couple of rough-draft takes on it that afternoon. Yesterday, after deciding on what I wanted to say, I went out there and blabbed at the camera for at least on hour and a half. 17 takes + some (if you count the 2-3 times in some clips). I used 4 different locations (all around the bayhead) and a couple different positions. I finally settled on a head-on, straight to the camera style. Once I came in and settled on the take I was going to use, I plopped down at the piano and played my rendition of Dixie half a dozen times. The one I used fits amazingly! (I think...)

Other than forgetting what I was supposed to say, or mixing my words up, the biggest thing that went 'wrong' was those stinkin' bull frogs! In a pause in the words, I'd get this big ol' "gruck". Actually is was kind of funny once I realized what it was. I was keeping a close eye out for gators and snakes! I was carrying the .22 pistol, not that that would be much good on a gator--unless I shot him right through the eyeballs...but anyway. I was thankful that it was just bull frogs and lizards interupting me.


6/30/2012 12:25:52 pm

Wow, the bay head is really wet...just think not too long ago we were traipsing out there on dry land!! The Lord has provided the much needed rains for the cows...


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