We watched this movie last night for the first time. I have wanted to see it ever since it came out and even more so since my darling friend gave it to me for Christmas. I thought it was great!

The story is about fire-fighter Caleb Holt and his wife, Katherine. They have a crumbling relationship that is getting explosive. (Kirk Cameron throws a hissy fit with ease.) Caleb is a good firefighter who longs for 'respect' from his wife; but his actions often do not call for respect. Both parties in this marriage are in the wrong (Katherine is letting another man beguile her). Both are selfish, which causes great friction and discontent.

The side story is Katherine's great love for her parents and her desire to get her incapacitated mother new and better medical supplies. This aspect is cleaverly drawn into and helps decide the outcome of the film.

Caleb complains to his dad, who challenges him hold off on divorce for 40 days--to take the 'Love Dare'. Caleb agrees, more to please his dad (a Christian) than anything really--he does want to save his marriage, but for all the wrong reasons. Halfway through the 'Love Dare', which up to this point had been performed obligatorily, Caleb comes to see his sin, his fallenness, and his need for redemption. (I thought this scene well done and not too preachy nor sappy.) With his new understanding of love and what it really is, Caleb sets his face to defeat his selfishness and win back the heart of his wife. She continues to rebuff him.

I won't say how exactly it ends...other than there is eventual reconciliation and the ending is a beautiful picture of forgiveness and peace within.

This is a movie with very serious themes. They are handled with due seriousness. However, at the same time, there are moments of laugh out loud humor. Two side characters in particular provide comic relief to ease the rage and sorrow.  For an indie movie the acting is supurb (of course, if I remember correctly, Kirk Cameron is a professional actor.)

As just a insignifanct side note...I noticed that several times throughout the movie, there was the same piece of music that was in 'Facing the Giants'. Its a piece of music with a hymn (which I cannot remember the name of!) worked into it. It must be Sherwood Pictures theme music or some :)


2/28/2012 11:30:16 am

It was a very enjoyable movie. I would have liked to have seen Scripture worked into this movie. It could easily have been done by being part of the Love Dare, allowing Caleb to wrestle with the Scriptures. Instead the father plays the role of bringing his son to Christ and while this scene was not "preachy" it lacked the power of God's Word. The weakest actor was the father and he played a signficant role. By using Scripture in the Love Dare, it would have taken some of the weight off of the father's role but allowed him to still be a significant--I think it would have given a good balance making the movie that much better.

3/1/2012 08:01:19 am

I agree. I wouldn't have thought of that, but now that you mention it, that would have made it stronger.
I really enjoyed it.

3/15/2012 11:39:04 am

I agree with KT. I wouldn't have thought of that either, but now that you mention it... :) Not sure I'll see it the same next time I watch it! Glad y'all enjoyed it :) Love to all!


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