I have a cold, but I feel better than I did yesterday...even though I cried some this morning.

We got word that a dear little girly we knew died last night. Her poor papa tripped on her and landed on top of her at chruch on Sunday. Her skull fractured and she was in a coma from then on. Her dear daddy wrote the following:

"She  was only 2 years 8 months old, but I could only pray to have the faith of my little girl. She fought the fight against sin in her life and loved the Lord very much. It was an honor to be with her at the end, and to be able to sing Psalm 45:8-17 with her as she passed away. I am proud to say that although I couldn't walk her down the isle in an earthly wedding, I was able to sing to
her  as she met with the great heavenly bridegroom, the savior of her soul, and perfecter of her faith. No more tears, no more sorrow, no more struggle with her  sin. She is with Jesus now...."

I wonder if I would be that strong and brave. Please pray for her mama and papa in this time of distress. Her mother is 6 months pregnant with their second child.
Such a sweet little girl...
We love you, Amariah!
Now she is safe in her Father's arms...while her mother and father will miss her, they rejoice she is with the Lord.

Let us say with them, Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


P.S. I just wish I could go give Kristi a bear hug....but there are too many states in between us!
Yesterday, July 26th, was my interview with Mr. Arthur. The Arthur's are a very nice couple and their house is quite interesting. It is almost like a museum and appears to be built after the old Cracker style. I don't think you can see them in any of the pictures, but along one wall, they had pictures of all the most famous Confederate generals. I thought it was so neat...

It took us a little longer than it should have to get there because I got my directions messed up. Well, rather I just didn't realize that Co. Rd. 660 was (or becomes) the road I was looking for...Anyway, now I know how to get there :)

We arrived and unloaded the car and started setting up after some initial chit-chat. Once everything was set up we had a pre-shoot cup of coffee.
The backdrop...
One of the lights...and my head. This was actually after the interview.
Mr. Arthur did use his notes some during the interview, but for the most part I believe it was alright. I'm sure it didn't help him any that the lights had to keep on being rearranged. The sun kept shifting so Savannah (my DP) kept telling me to move this light...shift that one...adjust the blinds, etc. It wasn't necessarily condusive to perfect continuity of thought for Mr. Arthur, but it was actually rather amusing. After all, it's better to laugh at stuff than rant. Particularly when you can't do anything about it! :D
I know that I got some usuable stuff from this fine Southern gentleman with his special Florida speech peculiarities. The best part was actually after the official questioning was over...Mr. Arthur gave me the closing speech for my doc! It was one of those times where I got the 'feeling'...as soon as he was done speaking I turned to Savannah and said, "I think I just got my closer." (If that is a word.) She responded, "I was just thinking that myself!"

We had a short picture taking spree afterwards and then Mr. Arthur broke out the period firearms he has made. (There were more flint-locks than precussions.) This man is a real gunsmith! We got to handle those big-bore beauties freely. These are certainly not girls guns. Nor for left-handed (or eyed) shooters. He made a left-handed 'boy's gun' for Mrs. Arthur, for like me, she is left-eyed. She went and got that so I could see and handle it.

After enjoying the guns, we sat around with another cup of coffee and talked for quite a while. Mrs. Arthur loaned us a DVD on black Confederates, so we will have to return at some point :) We also got invited to the SCV meeting next month and I think we will probably go.
That's a buffalo hide...
I have to go now...


Ya'll remember my paper, The Star Wars Menace? Well...I wasn't joking. I didn't realize this* though! http://www.templeofthejediorder.org/ This will put the hair up on the back of your neck...if not, it should. Star Wars is evil. I will not be nice about it nor will I back down...Christians should keep themseleves as far away from this cult as possible. If you are offended by this bold-faced statement, I'm sorry...not because of what I said, but for your dilusion. The truth hurts sometimes.

*Note: I did not go looking for this--I accidently bumped into it from a blog.


This is just a quickie...Tomorrow is my interview with Mr. Arthur. I will try to get some stills up shortly after the event.

I have had another gentleman agree to an interview--this time Commander Hill of the SCV. We still have yet to work the details out, but I have suggested next Wednesday for the interview. By that point I ought to have Mr. Arthur's interview transcribed :)

Mr. J. Frank (the younger Mr. Frank...if referring to his papa I will say Mr. W. Frank) called me on Sunday to let me know that he had contacted to gents and said he would text me their phone numbers....he hasn't done it yet, but I think he is probably covered up. Still, I'm thinking about shooting him an e-mail.

On the Fourth of July we filmed our program...but the mic quit working during it and I didn't realize it til I put the footage on the computer. Anyway, I tested the mic this morning (I was supposed to do it on Monday!) and it worked. I think I must have bumped a setting when I moved the camera and tripod on the 4th. From now on I will pay better attention to such details...

I am throughly convinced that I want to and am planning on attending the Brooksville Raid reenactment in January. The consequence of that is the extending of my deadline (which was September 1st) and not entering in the 2013 SAICFF (which was a goal). Anyway, I think that it will be better with the reenactment footage. There will have to be some talking with J. Frank about this...he said he could get us in on the opposite side of the spectators--and if I filmed mulitple days I could get shots from different angles and such that might be great. But since I'm in no way familiar with the lay of land I can't really be sure of anything :)

I need a bigger calender--and a 2013 one to boot!!


This is the first time I've attempted to join in on anything like this...but I think it's fun!
1. What word are you totally loving at the moment? Chocolate...

2. Any tv shows/movies you are excited for this fall? The next seasons of NCIS and NCIS:LA.

3. Anything that symbolizes something to you? The Confederate Flag symbolizes my heritage and freedom.

4. Two favorite songs at the moment? The usuals--A Mighty Fortress and Dixie :)

5. If there was suddenly a world taker over by an evil dictator what would you do? God willing I would fight.

6. What is your favorite summer activity? I have no idea. Living, I guess.

7. What has been your favorite summer vacation? It's been so long, I can't remember.

8. If you received an unlimited shopping spree to any store, what store would it be for? Goodwill?

9. What is your favorite summertime food? What makes it summertime food? I just like food :)

10. What is your favorite summertime movie? Likewise, what makes it just a summertime movie? I don't have a favorite film anyway...

Hope that gives some amusement :) Now I have to take care of my morning duties--the animals are probably waiting on me...


Ah yes...I know I haven't blogged in days...it's been rather crazy (fun)...

Let me see...the Tale of Two Gates must have taken place on Monday...no, it must have been Saturday because Junior was here Monday.

Anyway, we (Aunt T, Philip, Joel, and I) were going to plink. I had tied Snip to the gate at the head of the driveway because I didn't want him down range. I fired one shot from my .22 rifle and ol' Snip backed up in fear. Guess what? He pulled that gate and it's post right out of the ground! Of course, the post, while practically a foot in diameter, was rotten off at the bottom...
That was the end of the shooting. Instead we built a gap gate. Then, after Aunt T went in, the boys and I built the gap gate I was intending on building when I first constructed the horse lot. Well, it was mostly Philip that helped...Joel was busy holding Snip off. It was the horse's suppertime and he was quite insistant that his feed ought to show up sooner than later. He even got so close that he nipped my backside. Stinker!

Now, that would have been more exciting if I had written it right after it happened...but I didn't. Sorry.

Then next adventure...Monday. Uncle Rod brought Rod Jr. over for the day. Rod was supposed to mow...it never did happen what with the battery being dead...the belt shredding...and then the engine quit...Anyway, Jr. drove Joel nuts. I was grieved to hear some of the language my young cousin was using. I scared him at one point and he swore...while laughing. It is sad. He's still a 'nice kid' but with his ADHD and the life he has had, you don't want to let him out of your sight.

That day we fixed the fence where the old tree--that ancient oak, had fallen. I also shot an armadillo. I think I went to town at least twice. Both times I had all three boys...at one point, Jr. had his toes jammed against my heel making driving difficult--he obligingly moved them once I mentioned it.

Tuesday morning we got a surprise. Uncle Rod dropped Cassandra off early. I wasn't dressed yet (I usually drink my coffee and read my Bible before getting dressed.) After I let her in, I explained that the boys were still asleep in 'my' room and that I would wake them when I went in to get my clothes. Well, she started to go in anyway. I have difficulty explaining exactly what I felt--somehow it wasn't modest. (You're thinking--what's the difference between me and her? I'm older...they are used to me popping in in the mornings...they probably know me better...and anyway, it just down-right irritated me that she was going to preempt me.)

Let's see...I saddled Snip up early (the bit went in really fast) and rode off to open the gates. The cows didn't rotate til later and I hear the boys went out and closed the gates. I let Aunt T ride Snip and then I gave rides :) 
Later, after lunch, Savannah and I loaded up and headed off. We were going to V.B. for a SCV meeting. (Why were girls going to a Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting? Why, we were invited, of course!) We left a little early because we were going to go to some pirate musuem and walk on the beach. Well, we got to the museum five minutes before it closed...then it started to pour down rain and flash lighting...so no beach walk either. We drove around for a while to kill time :) Fortunately, Mr. F. showed up at the resturant 30 minutes early. He is all fired up over my Cow Cavalry documentary and I am thrilled. I fully intended to write stuff down yesterday, but didn't...the explaination will follow. Anyway, Mr. F. is basically offered to get me into contact with whomever I would like and he has some suggestions on who to contact, etc. I will certainly get around to squaring my head up with the stuff...but I think I will wait till next week. Why? Well...other stuff is going on around and around here :) I'm going to be totally wiped out on Monday.

Okay...Wednesday. I started the day out in a skirt. I ended it in jeans, dirt, and grease.

Episode one: Shortly after breakfast, Aunt T and I went out to take a look at the mower. I tucked my skirt up the way I do and went to taking the cover off the mower engine. In just a short time I discovered the problem. The gear on top of the starter was broken! I went in and changed...after I washed off the grease that encased my arms from the elbows down. Savannah told the boys to get up if they wanted to go to the feed store with me...I was going there as well as the mower place. We hopped in the truck and it didn't start. We jumped it. (The boys had driven it the night before and I guess it quit on them at some point.)

Episode two: The first trip to town. As we left, I had Joel call Daddy and talk to him about the truck. He told us to take it in to Tex and have him check and see if it was the battery or the alternator. Well, I decided to just swing by there last, since it would be on the way home, and just not turn the engine off at any of my stops. First stop: lawn mower place. All three of us piled out of the truck, leaving the engine running and walked towards the bays. The owner walks out and says something like, "What you got?" (We had the starter and the whirly-gig in hand). I said, "A starter and this piece is broken." I'm not even sure he looked at it, but he went straight to the shelf and got the right part. I had mentioned it was a Murry mower...but still it was amazing. I paid him and then we hopped back in the truck and went to Bryan's. Philip stayed in the truck, but Joel got out and came with me. I ordered my two bags of 'Stock and Stable 12', paid and left. Next stop--Smith's. Philip again remained in the truck...at Smith's it was a good idea since I could not see the truck from inside. I got some dewormer for Snip and 4 bags of mineral. Then we roared off to Tex's. I walked in, tailed by my cousins, explained who I was, and what Daddy had said. So, Tex gets his alternator tester, checks it and says, "It's the alternator." We took our mower part and horse medicine out of the truck and I called Savannah, "Come get us!" While waiting for her so show up, I called Daddy to let him know what was up.

Episode three: Post-lunch...we went back to get the truck. When we got home we started to put the part on the mower...we just couldn't get that little clip thingy (I can't recall the exact name) on so Aunt T said, "Let's take it back to the shop..." We did and he put it on in no time and didn't charge us a cent :) (That's good buisness sense.)

Episode four: It was time to put out the mineral. The truck wouldn't start. So we hauled the mineral out on foot. Joel and I took a sack to the closest mineral tub while Philip headed for the one on the north side of the pasture. After dumping my sack I got the fourth sack and followed him. Joel jumped in the golf cart and caught up to me, so I climbed in with that 50-lb sack in my lap. We did carry it the last 100 yards or so--that way we didn't have to open the gate. Joel got on the runway and I handed the bag to him, then I dashed to the other side and he handed the bag to me (there is electric wire surrounding the runway). I took the bag the rest of the way. Poor Philip, having walked the whole way, was out of breath--as he said later, "It had run on ahead of me so I was just catching up to it." (Philip is funny in a slightly different fashion than Joel ;) ) Anyway...that was the mineral adventure.

Episode five: The fourth trip to town. Philip and I took the truck battery in to Wal-Mart. Philip carried the old one in and I carried the new one out. I felt sorry for the scrawy fella :) That and he stayed to aske the cashier a question. When we got back we installed the new battery and the truck roared to life!
As a side note...the boys mowed the yard to that day.

Thursday...I was really tired yesterday, but I still ended up doing stuff. The other half of the oak came down yesterday morning. I am really glad no one was out there...

The pump was leaking some and later in the day we tried a fix with glue on the outside...it helped some although there was still a slight leak. Granddaddy told us it was fine and to leave it be. He was in a mood yesterday where you don't cross him.

Joel and I went in and picked up my post hole digger handle while Philip finished mowing. Aunt T came in this morning and said it doesn't fit. Before I take it back I'm going to do some looking at it myself. 

Joel lost his hat yesterday somehow and somewhere...so, if you happen to find a camo Florida Gators hat with a blue back let me know ;) *grin*

After dinner, the boys and I went mudding in the golf cart. It was really messy but lots of fun! I certainly wouldn't want to do it very often, but I did have fun--I even hollered as we barrelled down the 'hill' to the mud-pit (about 6'x6' area down by the creek). We kept getting stuck and having to push the golf cart out. I don't suppose it really is the healthest activity for the cart to be engaged in, but it's kind of too late now. After the last time we got stuck--we only got out because I found some sticks to put under the wheels--we went back to the house. We knocked on Savannah's window and told her to get the camera. The result was hiliarious!
Now, as to what adventures today holds...other than K. and M. second wedding ceremony (so everyone can be there)...I have NO IDEA. I imagine I'll get into some kind of scrape before then...

See you! (And check out the Photos page...I'll be putting pictures up. And yes, I know I still haven't gotten July 4 up yet...I will sometime.)


"A highway shall be there, and a road,
And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.
The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for others.
Whoever walks the road, although a fool,
Shall not go astray.
No lion shall be there.
Nor shall any ravenous beast go upon it;
It shall not be found there.
But the redeemed shall walk there,
And the randomed of the LORD shall return,
And come to Zion with singing,
With everlasting joy and gladness,
And sorrow and sighing shall flee away."
                ~~ Isaiah 35:8-10

This is just beautiful. The believer has nothing to fear and everything to gain...

However, not fearing the world is hard--the fear of persecution, pain, suffering, even death--distresses us. I wish I had the faith displayed by Stonewall Jackson; but I don't. Sometimes I am frightened by the thought of such faith...I am a weak young woman and I don't like to streach myself a lot. On the other hand, to be able to face those who hate me, because I love the Lord, with bravery and confidence in my God is my upmost desire. There is but one place to turn for such courage...God Himself.

This is a topic I think on not too infrequently (though I certainly don't exclusively set my mind to it), because life is scary right now. Our whole way of life is being threatened. Our culture is deranged, our President is a radical communist, there is a lack of strong, steady men, and many of our churches are dead. That is frightening to a young woman not quite 21 who for years has looked forward to getting married and raising a family in peacefulness.

Something else also bothers me during this pre-election season. I would love for all Reformed Christians to be unified in their vote this year. However, as I have quickly found from reading the blogs of particular brothers in Christ, there are vast differences between many of the conservative Christians and I myself politically. I agree with them 100% on much of what they say, but I cannot accept that a Christian can only vote for a Christian. Follow my logic and correct it if I'm wrong...but if a Christian can only vote for a fellow Christian, then only a Christian government is legitamate. But Scripture itself does not say this (Romans 13:1-7; Titus 3:1; I Peter 2:13-17). We are told to obey our Governments (render to Caesar what is Caesar's), with out denying God and His Law (render to God what is God's).

Here they would agree with me...but the application is different! I cannot quite understand how if a non-Christian government or ruler is legitamate, how they come to the conclusion that they cannot vote for a non-Christian (in the case in point, a member of the Morman cult.) We have a responsiblity to future generations and voting third party in this election is in effect a handing of the presidency back to Barak Obama--essentially transforming our Republic into a Tyranny. Tryanny breaks all the laws of God.

So how does voting Mitt Romney keep us from taking that step into Tryanny? He too, it is true, is a Socialist (though not a Communist like Obama). It is a delaying tactic. (I think in military terms since I was raised that way.) Look...it has taken us over 100 years to reach the state we are at now. It is going to take us some time to get out of the hole we are in (and I'm not talking ecomonically.) People that my aforementioned brothers would vote for will not be elected. We are still a two party system. (In my opinion, rather than try to come up witha third party, those in the third/fourth/whatever party who are conservatives, ought to be working within the Republican party, trying to reform that.)

These brothers would call me pragmatic--perhaps I am. But I cannot in good conscience 'throw my vote away' to use that expression. I am working to further the kingdom of my Father. I desire to live peacably with all men--so far as I am not required to break His Word. If it comes to that, I pray God to give me the strength and courage, aye, the faith to hold strong and fight. I will fight to protect those I love and the Truth. (It is times like these that I get that ever so slight nagging 'if only I had been born a boy'. Not that it would change much--I would still be frightened, though probably in a different fashion.)

Aim small, miss small...To God be the Glory!


As you all know (I think), I do not normally enjoy shopping...so when I tell you I had fun going on a shopping spree yesterday, I hope you believe me ;)

Savannah and I took off for a 'girls day' yesterday morning. We went to P.C. and started our shopping spree at Goodwill. We got a stack of books: another complete set of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy (no Hobbit *shrugs*); another complete set of 'My Book House' books (children's books with lots of great stories); a Civil War reenactor's encyclopedia (that's pretty cool!); New England and the Sea (three authors); Last Flag Down (about a Confederate ship); After D-Day (self-explanatory title); John Adams by David McCullough; a kid biography on Charles Spurgeon; The Pirates Laffite by William C. Davis (who wrote the book about Jefferson Davis I read last year); and an encyclopedia of Film Directors. I thought that might be interesting for me as a new director.

We ate lunch at the Greek Resturant we like there (the Garmin dude said 'resturant' really weird). Like usual I had grouper. I know there had to be sugar in the cole slaw, but I ate it anyway!

The health food store was next. I got some dates :) Mmmm...Savannah got figs and apricots, along with supliments. Also a Kumbotcha (did I spell that right?) gingerade. I like the gauva better...

Then we bounced over to Target...Aunt Laurie had sent us a gift card. I think we used it all up--minus 4 buck or so. I got a shirt (my shade of pink) and Savannah got a dress and some pads for her shoes. Plus I got another SD card for my camera and we bought a pack of pens (I love Uni-balls and haven't had any for quite a while). Last, but not least, I grabbed a copy of Courageous. There were only two copies left... I look forward to watching it.

One more stop--Books A Million. We got three books there. Two of them War Between the States history (original documents reprinted!) and the other about a particular Army unit during WWI.

Then we came home and joined everyone at the table for Joel's birthday dinner. He ate quite a pile of mac and cheese :)

So, yes. I had fun. However, even then, I don't think I really want a repeat performance anytime too soon. Thankfully, I didn't get starved :)


These visitors will be here for a while, how long exactly I don't know. Anyway, Aunt T. and her two youngest, Philip and Joel, are here. Philip is blond and skinny at sixteen. Joel is a tad pudgy, but he moves surprisingly quick despite that; he has dark brown hair with some serious curls. He's cute with that mop of curls all over his head :) He's almost 14. Those guys like to sleep. Last night I warned them that I would be barging in this morning to get my clothes (they are bunking in my bedroom and I moved in with Savannah). One of them asked me what time that would be. I responded that it'd be sometime been 8 and 9. "That's too early!" To which I retorted, "As long as you've got clothes on, I'm good with it." I kept my word too. It was about 8 this morning when I opened the door and walked in. I wasn't particularly quiet either. (Not that I was purposely making more noise that normal.)

Shortly after breakfast, the boys, Aunt T and I went out and trimmed the trees in the driveway.

We also got started on the fence by the road. Most of it is pretty good, it is just leaning badly. Being the only one with jeans, I ended up ditch walking. At one point, I was down in the ditch and I needed to get up on the level with a post I was supposed to tamp down. I poked a hand up and said, "Hey, Joel!" He got the point and gave me a hand up...it was pretty steep right there. I'm just glad I didn't flip back into the ditch at any point. That would have been a humorous sight I'm sure...but it would have hurt. Particularly in the briars :)

To close, I'd like to give you a quote from a book I am reading off Project Gutenberg:

"This [idea] was eagerly seized, for the appetites of sailors are always sharp, except immediately after meals." ~~The Red Eric by R.M. Ballantyne 

It just tickled me--that could describe yours truely most days :)

See you later!


At least, after two hours of transcribing an interview, that's what it begins to feel like...I do not think transcribing is my favorite part of the filmmaking process. To make up for the lack of interest in this post, here is a production still. 'Cousin' Hank was great :)  He is one of those people who make you comfortable very fast.
Well, even though I'm not super fond of transcribing, I am looking forward to interviewing Mr. Arthur sometime in the near future.